Neighborhood Watch

Who is involved?

United Way of Cass County

Cass County Emergency Management Agency

Cass County Citizen Corps

Cass County Sheriff’s Department

Indiana Department of Homeland Security

National Sheriff’s Association

You and your neighbors!

What is it?

Neighborhood Watch is a neighborhood-based crime prevention program that teaches citizens to identify and report suspicious activity.  It empowers citizens to make their neighborhoods safer and improve quality of life.  It is proven to decrease crime, increase neighborhood cohesiveness and increase property values.

To obtain a neighborhood watch brochure click on this link or stop by the United Way of Cass County’s office at 1 Cass City Center, Suite 216, Logansport.

How it works?

  • Neighborhoods express interest.
  • A Block Captain is appointed.
  • The Block Captain contacts Emergency Management:  574-722-2484
  • A Neighborhood Watch representative will contact you.
  • Police meet with neighborhood group to explain the program.
  • Meetings may be scheduled to present topics such as gangs, graffiti, drugs, CPR, and-first-aid.

The press release below explains more:

Cass County Neighborhood Watch Program Up and Running

LOGANSPORT (Ind.) – The entire community is victimized when a crime occurs because citizens are left fearful, saddened, angry and – worst of all – feeling hopeless, like they can’t do anything to help the situation or prevent a similar occurrence in the future. In Cass County, that changes today.

Thanks to the United Way of Cass County, Cass County Emergency Management Agency, and a grant from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, a Neighborhood Watch program has been established.

“Since last November (2011), we’ve been working hard to lay a foundation for Cass County’s first county-wide Neighborhood Watch program,” said Amy Beechy, Neighborhood Watch coordinator for United Way of Cass County. “Law enforcement from the Logansport Police Department and the Cass County Sheriff's Department have participated in training for the Neighborhood Watch program and we’re ready to go.”

And there couldn’t be a better time for it, considering the beating and rape of a 4-year-old girl. Even though her alleged attacker was found and arrested, the crime shocked and enraged members of the community, and people in Logansport never want to see such a travesty happen again in their town.

“With the creation of the Neighborhood Watch program, people in Cass County have a way to help prevent crimes like these,” said Assistance Chief of the Logansport Police Department, Mike Morphet.  “People can do something. They can get involved. They can ban together to make the city and entire county a safer place for all of us, especially our most vulnerable citizens.”

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, a Neighborhood Watch program benefits citizens and their communities in a number of ways:

  • Deters criminal activity.
  • Creates a greater sense of security and reduces fear of crime.
  • Builds bonds with neighbors, so people look out for one another.
  • Reduces the physical, financial and psychological costs of crime.
  • Instructs residents how to observe and report suspicious activities in their communities.
  • Offers continued education and resources for victims of crime.
  • Enhances homeland security.
  • Works collaboratively with other civic and community activities.

“In sum, Neighborhood Watch programs are proven to increase property values, give residents a better sense of personal control and reduce crime,” Amy Beechy, Project Matters consultant who worked to implement the local program.  “Based on the interest from the community so far, Cass County is eager for a program like this," Beechy said.