Live United Day

A Day of Action....A Day of Caring!


LIVE UNITED® Day has been Uniting community projects to eager volunteers since 2008 to create lasting change in Cass County!

When: Friday, September 11, 2020
Kick-off Registration from 8am - 8:30am at McHale Complex at Riverside Park

Where: All over the county!  Projects can be anything from landscaping to home remodeling.  There are all types of skill levels needed ranging from those with little skills to needing skilled tradesmen, such as electricians and plumbers.  We've got a project just for you!

Don't have a project? Do a drive of some kind! LIVE UNITED® Without Leaving the Office:  Click here for some great ideas for office drives. 

Are you ready to submit project proposal?: Contact us at 753-3533 for a Project Proposal Form. Forms are due by July 24, 2020.  

Want to volunteer?  Fill out a volunteer form here for an individual or group!